Crimsafe Sliding Doors

CrimSafe sliding doors are an excellent alternative to aluminium sliding doors. They are very stylish, very durable, and will provide you with many years of trouble free use. These doors come with a triple glazing system, meaning that they are extremely heat resistant, and you can have them insulated if you wish. This makes them a great choice for areas of high humidity. They are also sealed very well to stop moisture getting through, therefore keeping your property as dry as possible.

Installing crimsafe sliding doors is very straight forward, and the installation instructions can be found easily on the web. Simply follow the step by step instructions, which will show you how to fit your new doors straight away. You will need to drill the appropriate sized holes, so that your new hinges can be mounted. Once this is done you simply attach the track, screws, and your CrimSafe sliding door opens smoothly and quietly. These doors can be installed along with your existing sliding door system, or in parallel.
If you choose to install your new sliding doors in parallel to your existing aluminium sliding doors, then you should ensure that you have provided with the appropriate gap for the new hinges. This will prevent any squeaking sounds from occurring when the doors are open. You can install the new hinges and track by following the instructions which come with your existing hinges, or by hiring a professional to carry out this work.
There are two main types of CrimSafe doors. There are single doors and there are multiplexers. The former feature a single pivot point, whilst the latter feature a series of stacked doors. The former features a safety strip to stop opening of the doors whilst the latter feature a door that slides up and down. Double French doors are also available, as they combine the advantages of sliding doors with French doors and safety strip. These double French doors feature a safety door on the top with a frame for additional security.
As with all sliding doors, there is a key-operated sliding door mechanism. However, it is important to note that the key-operated mechanism on one model is different to that of another. Many people prefer to buy the separate bi-fold models of crimsafe French doors and also the combination of double and bi-fold doors. This allows for easy movement between rooms when the requirement arises.
All of these doors can be operated manually or via the use of an automatic door mechanism. Manual operation is preferred as the sliding action required to open and close the door is not as strong as that required for the automatic bi-folding doors. In addition, the use of manual operation reduces the chance of serious injury occurring as the door does not fall down if something is dropped on its tracks.