Email Marketing Software – 4 Reasons Why You Need it

email marketing is simply the act of transmitting a commercial message to an unsolicited group of individuals, usually by email. By extension, every email sent out to an individual, prospective client, or customer can be considered email marketing. It entails the use of email to promote commercial offerings, request more business, solicit donations or sales, or advertise an event. The most common types of email marketing campaigns are:

* Email spam: Spam is one of the fastest growing categories of email marketing, as unsolicited bulk emails are an affordable and effective way for marketers to create new contacts and profit from existing customers. In essence, spam is email marketing gone ballistic. Most spam messages carry the word “free”, “discounts”, “coupons”, or similar phrasing that encourages recipients to respond with urgency or make purchases right away. These messages are often designed to look like real emails, so that they may not be recognized by anti-spam software and other internet safety measures.
* Segmentation: Different segments of a market can be identified through segmentation. For instance, you can segment your email marketing list based on geographic location, ethnicity, or interests. Depending on the product or service you are offering, you may want to segment based on other factors such as the size of your target audience, frequency of purchase, shopping preferences, etc. Once you have segmented your market, it becomes easier to build an email marketing list based on segmentation.
* GDD Printer Conversion: A GDD (General Data Entry) file is a tabular representation of your information. This data is then transferred to the company’s CRM (customer relationship management) system for record keeping. This is necessary to make it easy for your customers and prospects to get in touch with you and to find out about your products and services. You can then use this data to segment your email marketing list based on its level of interaction and GDD activity. In short, a GDD file will allow you to identify who is sending you email communications and at what level your relationship with them is most at risk.
* Email Marketing Software: Mailchimp is among the best email marketing software programs. It allows you to create, manage, and track your email campaign with a few clicks of the mouse. Its easy to navigate and includes a wide variety of features including auto responders, subject line customization, and tracking of subscribers. Plus, Mailchimp comes free with your website.
* First Email Introductions: A good first email introduceer is important to the success of any email marketing campaign. Whether you are using it to announce a new product line, an event, or promotional information, the first email will set the tone for your business. Most companies find that introducing a first email addresses offers greater sales conversions and increased revenue than other forms of marketing. To take advantage of first email promotions, you should send out two first emails for different audiences to different addresses. Your third email should be a follow-up on the first email and address your prospects again with the second broadcasted email. If you do this consistently, you will find that people open your newsletters more often and that they are more likely to purchase your products or opt-in to your email list.