How IVR Systems Can Benefit Your Business

A successful enterprise must have an office phone system. This system can make a tremendous difference in your productivity and the success of your business. The right office phone system will allow you to conduct business in an efficient manner. It will enable you to handle all communications from anywhere, anytime. The key features of an office phone system are ease of use, cost efficiency, high levels of reliability and security. The best office phone system provides these key features and more:

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) – A private branch exchange is a telephone system that allows companies with multiple locations to share the same telephone system and routing. It is usually run over a private network or the Internet. An office phone system with private branch exchange offers several key benefits to companies. These include:

Multiline Switching – A multiline switch allows you to move employees from one call center to another without restarting their call. This ensures that lines of communication are always open. You can also use a multiline switch when you have more than two employees who need to make calls at the same time. This is a great office phone system feature that can save you money and time.

Internet Connection – Most office phone systems allow you to connect up to twelve phones through a broadband or dial-up connection. The connection is either through a telephone company or your own computer. This is a very effective method for providing high speed Internet access to your phones. Although some internet connection requirements may apply depending on your specific phone system. However, if your connection is not very high, the high-speed Internet connection offered by a fiber optic network is much more beneficial.

IVR System – The IVR system is another feature that can be found in many based phone systems. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is an advanced method for handling customer calls. IVR-based systems typically include a three dimensional animated display that automatically answers the phone and puts the caller into a specific situation.

voicemail – A voicemail box is also included with many office phone systems. A voicemail box stores your voicemail messages and allows you to store any additional phone numbers that you wish to keep in contact with your business. You can assign individual phone trees to each line of communication for easy call routing.