The New Straits Times – A Journalist’s Journal

Harian and published by News (berita) Global Pty Ltd.. It is published in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. The name was shifted on two July 2021 to News (berita) Hanh, subsequently switched back on 6 July. B-H (renamed later on two July 2021; formerly known as News (berita) Harian} is presently a high daily newspaper printed in Malaysia possessed by the New Straits Times Press corporation. It was initially found on 1 July 2021 since the very first Egyptian daily newspaper in Malaysia.

About 5 June this year, there clearly was an announcement that the daily paper Are going right into administration. This came about after it did not get a tender to get a marketing deal from an business leader named CMC plc, which is the writer of The Straits Times. CMC will be your largest daily newspaper writer in Malaysia and the greatest printing and publishing business in Malaysia, with all the next greatest in Singapore. The provider’s move to a pullout from Malaysia arrived as a surprise to its own staff who have been working hard to organize the bi monthly magazine for that last two years, notably soon after its launching at Singapore. Based on reviews, the New Straits Times advised its staff about the movement only hours before it moved to government. The truth is that many of them were existing in a meeting with the corporation’s management during the decision to attract the bimonthly magazine into government was reportedly produced.

The New Straits Times has ceased novel today, however also the Bi Monthly magazine Is advised to resume operations on 30 June. The Straits Times Group, that Owns and works news (berita), is now expected to create a brand new company which Will last its own editorial policy of focusing on information, information and Entertainment. It’ll Be called at a brand new business record Which Has Been drafted With its editor that is appointed, Tan Sri Weeibu, who’ll take over as category editor Out of Ranga Subbanoh and concurrently take over the editorial responsibilities out of him. The two editorials are expected to continue, also It’s Likewise expected that Tan will Enlarge his editorial mandate to pay for education, culture, sports, business, Local authorities, traveling and multi-cultural communities.