The vibrant Tuscan culture: Have an authentic experience of a lifetime

Preserving the art and authenticity of Tuscan culture
The Tuscan lands are known for the art of organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) making and the people of this region take their art very seriously. The people are striving constantly to make efforts for providing a once in a lifetime kind of experience.
Staying true to the territory and traditions
These people make sure that they are traditional and keep their cultural art intact. They make sure that the visitors are given a true to their territory experience. The people are making sure that what is authentic about their territory stays true to their territory.
The experiences over and above wine tasting
Moreover, certain experiences are above the wine tasting. They offer an opportunity to embrace the vibrant Tuscan culture. People could experience the local craftsmanship of the region in various activities.
The cooking classes to learn authentic Italian pasta
They could embark on some cooking class journey and learn the traditional pasta of Tuscan. They can learn to make the Tuscan pasta called “pici” from scratch for their loved ones and give them a special treat.
Embroidering the silk scarf
There is another activity where they could customize a silk scarf with the name or the design or paint some pattern. They could also learn the art of making tiramisu.
Learning pottery
They could also go to the traditional Tuscan pottery class and learn to make a ceramic plate with patterns and gain insights into the pottery classes.
Thus, in montemaggio, one can get all sorts of experiences for embracing the authentic Tuscan culture. They can learn and enjoy more kills by having an authentic wine tasting experience.