What Are Speed Bumps?

Most of us know that speed bumps can be found on highways, byways, curbs, and other roads designed for vehicles to travel at a faster rate. We see speed bumps in areas where vehicles have been damaged or have rolled over. We see them in rural areas as well as in urban areas to slow traffic. But did you know they are not just there to keep vehicles from rolling over? What they were originally intended to do is to add weight to the vehicles so they can withstand heavier loads.

Originally, speed bumps were created by adding steel weights to automobiles so the vehicles could handle a heavier load. The steel bumps also helped to keep any damage to the vehicle from occurring. If the vehicle was damaged, it would only add to the weight of the entire car. This would make it very difficult to push or pull in the vehicle since the steering and tires would be damaged. It was a great way to prevent vehicle damage.
The original speed bumps were usually created by welding two pieces of metal together. They were then riveted onto the frame of the vehicle. But because of their expense, most vehicles simply had them put on the hood. When you first started seeing these bumps on freeways and other highways, they were often placed on either side of the road to help with passing vehicles. This made it easy for drivers to slow down when approaching an area and make it more safe to stop or slow down.
Today, speed bumps come in many different forms. There are those that stick into the ground like a regular bump. Other forms stick out from the ground like spikes. These are commonly used on highways and byways. There are even some that look like rocks and look similar to parking spaces.
There is another type of speed bump that looks like a spike. These are often put on curbs where vehicles cannot fit into them. This is used to prevent vehicles from sliding off the curb. It is also used in some places to aid in turning cars around when they are going too fast to turn into the lane. This makes it safe for everyone involved to safely travel down the road.
No matter what kind of speed bump you decide to use, you will surely be glad that you have one. You may never have to worry about whether you are being able to slow down safely or get off the road safely while traveling. These are very important safety features for anyone to have on their vehicle.