What is a Home Cooked Chef?

Description home chef is a Chicago-area based meal delivery food service and prepackaged food product delivery company that offer pre-packed recipes and ingredients to members each week in the United States. According to the company it offers three thousand meals a month to its subscription customers. The company advertises a variety of cooking programs including; Italian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Pasta, Lasagna, Shawarma, and Chili. It also offers free delivery to homes in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Home Chef offers a variety of cookbooks, cookware, baking supplies and appliances, and recipe books. In addition to these products many of their subscriptions come with a selection of home cooked meals recipes and meals ready to eat. As a customer you will have access to these meals in advance so you can make them for your family or for a large party. Home Chef does require you to register as a member in order to receive these benefits.
Home Chef has its own outdoor restaurant called ‘The Chefs Bar’ where chefs can relax, socialize, and enjoy great food with their friends and family. This location is open Sunday – Friday evening from 5 PM to 1 AM. Some of the more popular dishes are: Pasta with tomato sauce, Shawarma, Lasagna, Shawarma Wrap, California Pizza Kitchen, California Roll, Corn Balls, and a wide range of chicken and seafood dishes.
The Chefs Bar offers a large variety of beverages such as free coffee, teas, flavored water, and wine. The customer chooses from a large variety of coffees, teas, and juices. There are also a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Home chef’s may also be able to order items such as cheese, crackers, meatballs, vegetable platters, dessert platters, and appetizers. There are over 30 different kinds of cheese on the menu for the customer to choose from.
The Home Chef program is a membership based service. Each member pays a one time fee and then becomes a valued customer who can shop for food at the restaurant and then take home cooked meals. This membership also includes cooking tips for the home chef to use. If you join as a new member, you will be able to create a daily meal plan for yourself or your entire family. Members can save money by purchasing the online cooking guide which contains many recipes as well as helpful hints and tips.
The Home Chef program will allow you to enjoy the delicious food that you love while saving money at the same time. By cooking at home, you will have the flexibility to create nutritious and delicious meals for yourself and your family. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!